Choosing a Commercial Electrical Contractor for Your Business

Choosing a Commercial Electrical Contractor for Your Business

Choosing a Commercial Electrical Contractor for Your Business

Many business owners from the Twin Cities and the surrounding area are optimistic about 2018. Spring is here and it’s bringing new business in with it. High demand is certainly putting pressure on businesses in the area to make new hires and expand in various other ways. For many, this expansion means building new facilities or revamping current ones. Every modern facility needs a safe and high quality electrical system. In the Twin Cities area, there is a commercial electrical contractor known for delivering the best quality electrical solutions. Neo Electrical Solutions of Hudson, Wisconsin has completed massive projects, including electrical and lighting for the Western Wisconsin Health Center in Baldwin.

Business owners want to work with an electrical contractor that has the ability to maintain a tight schedule and budget. Neo Electrical Solutions has a track record of meeting arranged schedule and budget goals for their many commercial projects. They take pride in their accurate billing processes and efficient closeout procedures.

Dependable and highly-skilled technicians are essential for ensuring the safety of commercial facilities. Business owners need to be able to rely on professionals, especially when work is being done on occupied facilities. The technicians from Neo Electrical Solutions have a great depth of knowledge and experience of electrical systems.

Once an electrical system is in place, maintenance is extremely important. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected issues and ensure safety. Neo Electrical Solutions provides many different kinds of service to commercial facilities. These services include:

  • Standard outlet and light replacement
  • Infrared testing – One of the best ways to catch a potential issue before it turns into a serious problem
  • 24/7 emergency repairs and troubleshooting
  • Energy-saving retrofits of existing systems
  • Much more!

If you need an electrical system for your business in the Twin Cities or the surrounding area, please contact Neo Electrical Solutions today.

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