Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Business is about production and getting the job done on time. The electric bill is just another fixed cost of red ink on your books. In the grand scheme of things, you probably never even think about your electrical infrastructure until it fails. And when that happens, how much productivity is lost while your maintenance team tinkers with finding solutions?

NEO Electrical Solutions doesn’t tinker. Like you, our business is based on getting the job done right and on time for every customer. As a partner, we have the skilled service professionals on call 24/7 to get your business moving again. In fact, we urge every business and municipality in the Twin cities and Western Wisconsin to keep our emergency services number 651-287-1100 in a place where frontline managers have easy access to it.

Beyond your basic emergency needs, if your building or systems are more than a few years old, NEO Electrical Solutions can partner with your business to find more efficient systems, lighting, and electrical that can dramatically reduce your long-term “fixed costs” of electrical usage, and offer advice on how to make the most out of the latest energy related investment tax savings available.

NEO Electrical Solutions will be there to meet your needs during the next electrical related emergency, but we would much rather work with you to find cost efficient solutions before an outdated problem becomes a serious safety or production issue. That is what partnering with us is all about. Our business is keeping your business moving. Contact NEO Electrical Solutions today to talk about what we can do for your bottom line.

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