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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions – The benefits of Industrial/Commercial Skylights

For every commercial or industrial building, lighting is a major contributor to its overall electric bill. With the ever-increasing competition in the industrial and business sector, a service that can reduce the cost of doing business is of great benefit. Industrial skylights are among the recently discovered means of reducing the electrical consumption of an industrial/commercial building.

A commercial skylight channels natural light into the commercial building’s interior through its roof. It, therefore, eliminates the need for electric bulb lighting in dim areas during the day. The result is a reduction in the total power consumption and consequently the cost of doing business hence more profits.

On top of reducing the electricity bills, the commercial skylights also offer other benefits to industrial and commercial building owners and the workers thereof.

Reduces construction/installation cost

Installing electrical lighting in the industrial building involves hiring skilled electrical technicians, buying such things as bulbs, wiring, conduit pipes, posts, undertaking regular maintenance, and much more. This makes installing and maintaining electrical lighting quite expensive. However, with skylights, this cost is highly reduced.

It is environmentally friendly

With reduced electric lighting, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial building hence preserve the environment.

Enhances worker’s productivity

According to research done by Northwestern University in Chicago under an Inter-departmental Neuroscience program, there exists a relation between workplace light exposure and the employee’s activity patterns, sleep, and life quality. The research indicates that workers with less exposure to daylight had physical problems and vitality issues while those with more exposure to natural light were more physically active and had longer sleep duration. In their conclusion, the researchers suggest that to promote the worker’s productivity; architectural designs of workplace environments should emphasize more on sufficient natural light exposure of the employees. The use of skylights is an easy way of implementing this suggestion.

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