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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions: How facility design including equipment and technology impacts patient safety

Hospitals or medical facilities are perhaps the most complexes of building types. While billions of dollars are funneled into health care facilities, not enough attention is paid to the facility design, including equipment and technology.

Cognitive psychologists have identified the physical environment as having a significant impact on safety and human performance. In a medical facility, this translates into the design of the center including the equipment and technology that affects the performance of the healthcare providers and therefore the safety of the patients.

While there are several factors that influence the built environment and the design, use of lighting to enable visual performance; use of mobile vs. fixed technology; use of natural lighting; use of automated health information technology solution were identified as important factors to enhance effectiveness. Studies also found that use of nature, color, and light can control potential stressors in the hospital setting, that can further enhance patient safety.

These positive design factors can only be integrated into a robust electrical infrastructure and communications and data services. The electrical solution including the communications and data services should be flexible enough to change with the rapid pace of technology, efficient, and reliable. Hospitals are high electric power consumption facilities, so equal attention must be given to advance technical features to determine specific areas of a company’s infrastructure that could help with compliance and cut energy costs.

At Neo Electrical solutions, we consider all these essential factors and offer the best electrical solutions for your medical facility, you should feel to contact us for more information.

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