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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions to Ensure Productive Operations

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions to Ensure Productive Operations

In a commercial or industrial setting, electrical problems are more than an inconvenience. If you are constantly having problems with your power supply, employees cannot do their jobs and production comes to a halt. Consider the implications in a business where temperature control is essential to product preservation.

Most commercial facilities employ a maintenance staff to manage minor electrical tasks but when the issue escalates; it’s time to call an electrical contractor familiar with complex repairs.

When is it the right time to call the professionals?

One of the first signs you have serious problem is sudden loss of power with no warning. Unless you are dealing with adverse weather conditions the system will shut down when it becomes overloaded. Flipping a safety trigger or breaker switch should remedy the situation but if you are still in the dark, a professional diagnosis is required.

Occasionally you may experience a few sparks shooting out from an electrical outlet when, for example and appliance is plugged in and begins to draw power away from other equipment. This usually subsides, but when it does not and you can see the outlet melting or burning you have a dangerous situation on your hands. Turn off the main power source immediately and contact a commercial electrician.

Flickering lights are not initially disastrous, but they are an indication that you have poor connections in the wiring. It may seem like more of an inconvenience to shut the power off entirely while repairs are underway, but it will lead to a much greater issue and expense if ignored.

We can help with commercial electrical issues.

In the Western Wisconsin and Minnesota region, we offer our team of professional electrical contractors to diagnose and solve all wiring issues in your commercial or industrial facility. Contact us today for more information.

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