Lightning Protection

Why Consider Lightning Protection

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions-Why Consider Lightning Protection

When it comes to lightning, many don’t consider the damage a direct strike will cause to a structure. Commercial buildings with complex computer systems understand the risk to the power and electronic systems. However, safety of a building and occupants need to be considered. It is a good idea to consider investing in a proper lightning protection. 

What Is A Direct Lightning Strike Capable of Doing?

Without a system of protection, a direct strike of lightning will travel through a building to reach the ground. It will use any conductive material that shortens the trip. The conductors include phones, electrical wires, pipes, and the frame itself if made of steel. As lightning travels the most direct route, it causes damage.

Anything flammable that a bolt travels near will possibly start a fire. A shockwave from the lightning strike is powerful enough to destroy sections of walls, break plaster and concrete, and shatter glass. An obvious concern is any electrical appliance or computer that the discharge comes into contact with.

A scary thing to worry about are side flashes. Many times a lightning discharge will jump across a room to a better conductor. This side flash will injure people if they are in the way. The side flash also causes combustible materials to ignite if nearby. This is another fire hazard to consider especially in industrial areas.

How Does Lightning Protection Help?

Three components make up a lightning protection system. These include rods, or “air terminals,” conductor cables, and ground rods. These components work together to give a direct path to the ground. If a lightning bolt strikes your structure directly, this pathway offers the quickest way without going through the structure. The conductor cables and ground rods are the most important part of the system to direct lightning away from the structure.

This system seems simple. However, it needs installed correctly to do the job. The technicians at Neo Electrical Systems install these setups for the best protections possible. Our technicians guarantee quality service, maintaining the budget, and keeping on schedule. Contact us Neo Electrical Solutions for further information on keeping your building safe from lightning. 

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