Prepare Now for the Coming Construction Season

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions: Prepare Now for the Coming Construction Season

While winter still has its grip on the world, it’s the perfect time to plan ahead for the coming warm weather and the start of construction season.  If your business is booming in the expanding economy and you’re thinking of remodeling or expanding an existing facility or even building new facilities, winter is the right time to get a construction plan in place with bids and quotes from contractors who are experts in their field.

Neo Electrical Solutions is a top commercial and industrial electrical contractor, serving the Minneapolis- St. Paul region as well as western Wisconsin for over twenty years.  With experience in providing electrical solutions across a wide range of industries, including municipal projects, bridge lighting, highway lighting, airport lighting, hospitals and health centers, as well as retail stores and hotels, Neo Electrical Solutions has the knowledge, the background, and highly skilled technicians that take pride in their work and relish the challenge of creatively solving your toughest commercial or industrial electrical needs.

How Neo Can Help Meet Your Business Construction or Remodeling Needs

If your business is located in an older building, there are several factors to consider when thinking of expanding or remodeling.  Some of the ways that Neo Electrical Solutions can help facilitate a safe remodeling or expansion include:

  • Making sure existing electric is up to code while expanding electric capacity to meet new technology needs.
  • Upgrading existing interior and exterior lighting to LED lighting for savings and greater safety.
  • Upgrading the fiber optics wiring and networking of your business to meet the demands of advancing technology including networks, automation, and industrial equipment.
  • Inspect and upgrade your HVAC and air quality control systems to maintain OSHA compliance and create a healthier, cleaner work environment for your employees.

Contact us today for a full consultation tailored to the needs of your business.  We at Neo Electrical Solutions look forward to partnering with your organization to create electrical and industrial solutions that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

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