Electrical Solutions for Charter Schools

Electrical Solutions for Charter Schools

In western Wisconsin and throughout Minnesota, in urban areas and in rural areas, old schools have been failing and going dark, while new charter schools are growing to capacity. With more charter school construction planned, the need for Neo Electrical Solutions rises. Brighten the future of your future charter school project with improved lighting ideas to create wonderful learning environments, Green lighting solutions, sustainable and safe electrical grids, secure communication and data systems, secure and serviceable interior electrical controls, pumps, boilers, fiber optics, and security systems.

Our commitment to quality, safety, budget, and schedule goals will keep your project on track and ahead of schedule. We understand the urgent need for changes and have timely change order management procedures in place, as well as accurate billing processes with efficient closeout procedure to fulfill your administrative paperwork needs for funding and project management.

Our installation crews are professional, dependable, and highly skilled in commercial applications and projects large and small. Our service technicians are available 24/7 for emergencies and for preventative maintenance schedules in your charter school. Our extensive portfolio includes municipal and industrial projects, water treatment and city utility facility building and maintenance, schools, prisons, hospitals, and other city buildings, as well as major infrastructure such as bridges, airports, and highways for the Department of Transportation.

Contact us to estimate and bid your charter school construction project or ongoing maintenance needs. Children in Wisconsin and Minnesota need brighter futures and better schools, so show them the light, and contact Neo Electrical Solutions today.

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