Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions for Emergency Power

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions for Emergency Power

Electrical power has become available throughout the world and especially in developed nations like the United States. Every day, we use electricity to light our homes and businesses. We use electricity to wash our clothes, to refrigerate our food, to cool us in the summer, and to heat us in the winter. In the information age, we rely on it to keep us connected. For many of us, it even provides our livelihood.

What happens when we lose electricity? Summer storms or winter blizzards can cause power interruptions, as the residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin know well. Most of the time, power loss is simply an inconvenience that may mean no more than a few hours without television or air conditioning. Modern utility companies are usually quick to repair failed electrical distribution equipment and restore power to customers. However, there are times when power loss can have more serious consequences. At times, it can mean the loss of income or the loss of property. It can even be life-threatening.

In situations where power loss cannot be tolerated, national electrical standards mandate the use of emergency power systems. Such systems consist of an electrical generator and control equipment that automatically starts the generator when the power from the utility begins to fail. Generators are either gas or diesel engine driven units. Legally required systems are normally installed in facilities where power loss threatens human life such as water treatment plants, municipal facilities, and hospitals.

Do you have questions concerning emergency power systems? Contact the experts at Neo Electrical Solutions. With over 20 years’ experience creating electrical solutions for commercial and industrial customers, we can prepare you for any power outage by installing an emergency power system that fits your needs.

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