The Future: Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber optic cable is quickly becoming a must-have for cities across the United States. Google Fiber has challenged companies and cities across the U.S. to adopt fiber networks in recent years. Fiber networks have begun spreading to more and more cities like Provo, Kansas City, and Nashville to name just a few. Fiber optic networks provide a massive upgrade to existing communication infrastructures, allowing data and information to literally be transmitted at the speed of light. Fiber optic networks can provide a large range of benefits from home life to work life and everywhere in between. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from supporting fiber optic networks!


As aforementioned, fiber optic networks literally work at the speed of light! You can transmit data across the globe and back in less than 1/7th of a second. Similarly, you can send data just as quick.

Worker Productivity

With the increased internet speeds that fiber optic networks provide, worker productivity can quickly skyrocket. Not only do fiber optic networks allow for faster internet speeds, but they tend to not suffer from the same electromagnetic interference that older networks might be stressed by, thus allowing them to be more reliable with more uptime. No more worries about the internet going down!


Fiber optic networks are virtually impossible to penetrate. To hack into a fiber optic network would require the person to cut the wire, something not only incredibly hard to do and access, but also something that would immediately alert both parties to the interference.


As workers increasingly wish to telecommute when possible, a fiber optic network can provide exactly what your workforce needs. With a fiber optic network, workers never have to worry about a dropped connection.

Of course, installing a fiber optic network can be tricky, but with the expertise of Neo Electrical, we can get the job done, allowing you to focus on the new benefits of the network. To learn more about how fiber optic networks can benefit your city, or to get fiber optic networks installed, please feel free to contact us.

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