Commercial Electrical Solutions for Immediate Needs and Future Plans

A problem just happened and a qualified firm needs to step in and make repairs, or a future project needs a company with a proven record of service and safety. Neo is a commercial electrical contractor in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin and we can help.

At Neo Electrical, we know how important it is to maintain current electrical needs in airports, schools, medical facilities, and along our roads. Proper planning for future electrical needs is also critical to minimize future repairs and maintenance costs.

Today’s Electrical Needs

Traffic signal upgrades and installing lighting to make existing roads and bridges as safe for drivers as possible is the type of work that we take quite seriously. Questions regarding lighting used at airports and helipads, schools, and medical facilities are ones that we’ll gladly answer.

Our commercial electrical contractor team is a full-service contractor equipped for industrial projects ranging from installation to maintenance.

Tomorrow’s Electrical Solutions

Are you looking to the future? Exciting possibilities wait for municipalities as the use of “smart technologies” will save energy and increase safety. Keeping electric cars driving is another future challenge as described in this Star Tribune article from July 10, 2017, “With more electric cars coming, Minnesota officials consider charging network.”

We have a proven historical record of excellence, but we look to the future as well by viewing ourselves as part of your team and using a solutions-oriented vision. Our professional project management system helps contractors meet their schedule, cost and safety goals.

Safety is Timeless

Both code compliance and safety needs are taken seriously. They provide a framework for our work but we also do the maximum to ensure customer satisfaction, not just the minimum.

This article in Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine, “Is Code Compliance Good Design?” raises the argument that electrical contractors should go beyond minimum code requirements for a completely safe installation.

We plan every part of our work to ensure the safest working environment possible on maintenance work and major projects like lighting for bridges and airports.

Contact us if you’d like to see what we can do for your commercial electrical needs both now and in the future.

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