Installing Emergency Exit Lighting

Installing Emergency Exit Lighting

Installing Emergency Exit Lighting to Code Standards in Your Business

All types of businesses are compelled to install emergency exit lighting systems. And these systems must meet a rigid code of compliance, based on positioning, whether they can stand up to long-term operation, and more.

This requires professional installation, from a knowledgeable contractor. You’ll need an electrician capable of installing exit lighting to code, and preferably one that uses components and installation best practices that lead to little to no need for ongoing maintenance.

What It Takes to Install Emergency Exit Lights

The process of installing exit lights to code adds up to more than simple code compliance. Every space represents an entirely different space for the contractor to adjust their approach to, inevitably leading to unique problems that must be solved smoothly.

Ideally, emergency lighting will remain functional in the toughest conditions, and do it all without external power. A job like this isn’t appropriate for inexperienced contractors due to the fact that human lives are involved.

Neo Electrical Solutions brings 22 years of experience to the table. But most crucially for an emergency exit lighting job, we go the extra mile when it comes to installations related to safety features. We work with an in-house safety director who comes up with uniquely tailored strategies to keep not just our employees, but our customers, safe.

We’re up to date to any and all changes in fire codes and safety standards, as any decent contractor would be. But our commitment to safety isn’t just about what we’re required to do. It’s core to our way of doing business with our clients.

How We Can Help With Existing Emergency Lighting Systems

If you already have an emergency exit lighting system in your business or public location, it is always a good idea to have it inspected. Our safety director will help us identify any potential failure points or other issues with your exit lights and provide a plan to solve them for you.

Whether it’s as simple as testing and replacing batteries, or repairing major electrical failures waiting to happen, we’ll take the issue head on and make sure you and everyone who spends time in your business space are properly served by the potentially life saving emergency lighting system on site.

So please, if you need a new emergency exit light system installed, have problems with your current one, or suspect there might be issues with it, don’t hesitate to contact the safety experts at Neo Electrical Solutions.

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