Light your city lights

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Solutions – For your City

Utilize Neo Electrical Solutions to Light the Skyline of your City

Dark cities have higher levels of crime and homelessness. Dark cities do not photograph well. Dark cities are not featured on postcards. Dark cities do not appeal to tourists, let alone to full-time residents. Dark cities do not make the top ten favorite places to live or to retire lists. Dark cities do not inspire art.

Light the skyline of your city with commercial and industrial electrical solutions from Neo Electrical Solutions. Give the people of your city the gift of light and reduce problems while attracting new residents and tourists. Inspire art in your city with new light.

Downtown areas cut crime and homelessness with bright lighting around shopping malls and around parks. City halls and government buildings, police stations, theaters, museums, sports facilities, stadiums, and amphitheaters all stress their importance to the community order and the city’s economy through improved lighting.  LED lighting is gaining popularity for lighting streets in cities and suburbs, especially around bus stops, train stops, parking lots, and hiking trails. Apartments, condos, and town homes, as well as single-family housing areas see a reduction in crimes such as theft and vandalism simply by adding brighter lighting. 

Industrial areas increase surrounding property values with lighting that emphasizes employment opportunities in the city. Lighting heavily industrial areas, rail systems, transport systems, and roads reduce crime. Lights highlight recent infrastructure improvements and show off industrial areas throughout a city.

Security around water treatment plants and public utilities is a great priority to the safety and proper functioning of our cities. Lighting water treatment facilities and public utilities protect them from major attacks as well as from petty crime. 

Schools need to show the light to the students for them to progress and to lead our future. Lighting inside schools creates positive environments for learning. Lighting outside schools highlights their importance to the future of a community and cuts crimes like vandalism and gang violence. 

Hospitals are the health of our cities. Light heals many wounds. Light hospitals inside and out for better care and to light the way to care for our community. 

A photograph of the skyline of a city captures the city halls, the city streets and the shopping centers, the parks, the industry, the transit systems, the residential housing, the utilities, the schools, and the hospitals, but it also captures the major infrastructure like the bridges, airports, and the roads and highways. Light up that photograph and show your city to the world. Right now, no one can see your dark city, so contact us to find solutions for all your electrical needs and light your city up. 

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