New High Crime Problem in Your City?

New High Crime Problem in Your City?

Does your city have new high crime rates that rose with recent population growth? Have all city residents lost their moral compasses or does your city just have a few problem areas?

Dark areas of a city creep with shadowy and shifty shenanigans in the middle of the night. Crime rates rise quickly in areas with poor lighting or no lighting. Shed light on the problems of the crime-ridden areas with new street lighting. New LED street lights aim light on dark street corners, in alleys, and in parks where criminals once roamed in the safety of darkness.

Under bridges and in tunnels, homeless people and drug users gather in the darkness and hide their problems from the public. However, these people need help from the city to become self-sustainable and productive citizens. By installing bright lights under bridges and in tunnels, and any known place where homeless people and drug users huddle, signage steering them to quality homeless shelters, helpful job search help, and addiction recovery services show clearly to provide optimism to the darkest of human situations and guide the way to a safer city.

Lighting parking lots, parks, and playgrounds provide safe areas at night for the public and prevent crimes like sexual assaults and violent muggings. Vibrant lighting in dark areas reduces large gang-related gatherings and the unwanted graffiti art that goes with them, while preventing violence, and often turns around poor crime ratings and affected neighborhoods for the better.

Contact┬áNeo Electrical Solutions to solve your city’s rising crime rates and to provide a bright future for your city’s residents. Rural areas and the suburbs experiencing higher crime rates as a result of city growth and expansion benefit from additional light in dark areas, too.

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