Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions


You have someone maintain your floors.  You have someone maintain the grounds. Someone will maintain your copiers.  You will have someone maintain your central air. It would be beneficial for almost every company to have their electrical maintained, although often people don’t think about it.

Without proper maintenance, things can happen with your electrical power slowly, over time that eventually accumulate into big problems.  You may face reduced energy efficiency. Utility bills may increase. The electrical may even be dangerous without anyone knowing about it.  One of the worst things that happens is electricity may become unreliable which can cause lost productivity.


Benefits of Electrical Maintenance

  • Electric bills decrease. It is estimated that businesses in the United State lose $4 billion a year to inefficient electrical systems.  Regular maintenance can help reduce inefficiency, which allows the company to put their money to better use.
  • Damage can be prevented. Whether it is fried computers or lost productivity, a poorly maintained electrical system can cost you money by damaging the electrical tools you rely on to get work done.
  • Regular maintenance can help equipment run better. Tools, computers, calculators—whatever you plug in—are all intended to operate at a certain level of electricity.  If that power doesn’t reach the machine, then the machine has to work harder. It has been estimated that when an electronic device operates on underperforming electricity, its failure rate is three times higher.  Regular maintenance can prevent these problems from occurring.


With routine and scheduled maintenance from Neo Electrical Solutions, many of these problems can be avoided.  Regular maintenance can prevent larger bills down the line too. Regular maintenance can also prevent the “creep” of electric bills to almost unnoticeable levels each month or year, but which will add up.

Most of us don’t think about electricity until it goes out.  We flip on the light and then almost magically, we can see in a dark room.  Regular maintenance can help ensure that will happen at your place of business.  If you would like to discuss your commercial and industrial electrical solutions, contact us.

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