10th Street Bridge

Project Details

Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations for safety and operations. Ensure compliance with National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code and the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA-70E)

  • Install and maintain high and low voltage, overhead and underground wiring and equipment such as:  switch heaters, control systems, conduits & cables, cross arms, pole mounted fixtures, transformers & capacitors, outdoor substation apparatus, air systems, fire alarm systems, motors & generators, year/building power & lighting, heating systems, switchboards & meters, battery charging systems, welding machines, and UPS systems
  • Install and maintain all classes of exterior/interior wiring for electric, power and roadway lights, including overhead lines, regardless of voltage
  • Install and maintain electric systems and navigation lights on bridges
  • Inspect equipment before each use
  • Handle testing instruments for measuring voltage, current power, insulation resistance, etc
  • Work with power companies and other vendors to plan and complete job activities
  • Interpret and follow electrical codes, manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints and other specifications

Neo Electrical Solutions brings;

  • Certified Electricians
  • Skilled Electricians
  • Providing service since 1994
  • Proven record for dependable and prompt service
  • 24-Hour Urgent Services Available
  • One-stop solution for commercial & industrial electrical installation & maintenance
  • Honesty, trust & integrity

Bridge History of the Bridge

The 10th Avenue Bridge crosses the Mississippi River near downtownMinneapolis, Minnesota and also in proximity to the University of Minnesota. The bridge was formerly called the Cedar Avenue Bridge from days prior to the construction of the I-35W bridge when it connected to Cedar Ave. The bridge connects 10th Avenue Southeast, on the east side of the Mississippi River to 19th Avenue South, on the west side.

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