Blatnik Bridge

Industrial electrician project details

The Blatnik bridge project completed by our electrical solutions, or industrial electricians. Project consisted of removing old lighting and replacing with new LED technology.

Neo Electrical Solutions brings;

  • Industrial Electrician Solutions
  • Certified Electricians
  • Skilled Electricians
  • Providing service since 1994
  • Proven record for dependable and prompt service
  • 24-Hour Urgent Services Available
  • One-Stop solution for commercial & industrial electrical installation & maintenance
  • Honesty, trust & integrity

Exceeding Minimum Standard

Safety is our top priority when working with Neo electrical solutions. Our safety process begins with office and key field personnel training and continues with daily morning safety huddles, weekly job site safety inspections and regularly scheduled all-hands safety meetings in addition to job-site training events. Every aspect of our work is planned and coordinated to achieve the safest working environment.

Professional. Competitive. Quality Service

We provide quality services with a collaborative approach. Our philosophy is to become a part of the team and work towards the same common goals with a solution-oriented vision. We use our professional project management system to help contractors meet their schedule, cost and safety goals. By sharing our expertise on constructability, we offer a thorough planning process and provide expert coordination of field activities.

Our service technicians are professional, dependable and highly skilled.

Our commitment is to ensure that quality, safety, budget, and schedule goals are met daily, quality bids and timely change order management as well as accurate billing processes along with efficient closeout procedure.

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