St. Croix Crossing Bridge Project Connects

Lighting up the St. Croix Crossing Bridge Project 

It took a literal act of Congress to get approved, but after almost two decades of discussions, litigation, and environmental studies, the new St. Croix Crossing Bridge has finally opened. Taking around three years to complete, the new bridge connecting Wisconsin to Minnesota replaces the Stillwater Lift Bridge, which was built in 1931.

Thousands of people showed up for the official bridge opening on August 2nd, including both, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The bridge features four vehicular traffic lanes and a protected pedestrian/bicycle lane with an overlook area midway over the river.

The bridge is almost a mile long (5,074 feet) and approximately $640,000,000 to build. Neo Electrical Solutions provided and installed all of the roadway lighting (including the conduit and wiring), as well as the 900+ light outlets in the interior of the bridge allowing for maintenance. In addition, Neo Electrical Solutions equipped the new bridge with navigational and FAA lighting for safety.Neo Electrical Solutions also added lighting to help make the bridge aesthetically pleasing, as well.

Two of the primary concerns, because the bridge is located in a National Scenic Riverway, were the bridge’s impact on the environment and the river valley view. Engineers paid special attention to details such as the bridge’s storm water drain system, the design that would enable fewer piers required in the water way, and even the color of the paint being formulated to match the river bluffs.Neo Electrical Solutions added to this careful construction by utilizing a lighting system with directional instruments designed to provide safely lit roads with minimal lighting encroachment on the river below.

Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota Senator who was instrumental in securing Congressional approval for the bridge said, “It’s beautiful on the bridge, but the bridge is beautiful from afar. I think that’s a nice ending.” We believe that Neo Electrical Solution’s lighting adds to that beauty.

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