Sustainability Solutions in Electrical

Sustainability Solutions in Electrical

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions for Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is quickly becoming the standard for all new commercial and industrial facility construction. One of the most common green-building certifications is the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” or LEED accreditation. The number of LEED endorsements in Wisconsin and Minnesota is increasing and includes businesses, university buildings and even Target Field, home of the Twins. Not only is sustainability good for our planet and future, but facility owners are learning that it offers tax incentives, lower operating costs, and usually receives broad community support.

What does LEED mean for building electrical systems? In a broad sense, it means making them more “intelligent.” For most facilities, the most accessible part of the electrical system that has the greatest impact on LEED accreditation is lighting. LEED lighting design includes controls such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, and photocells that adjust the amount of power available to lighting fixtures or simply turn the fixtures off when no one is around.

LEED-type lighting controls can even be retro-fitted into most existing structures at reasonable costs. The latest electrical technology for commercial and industrial installations provides the new functionality needed to make retrofitting simple. Not just for new construction, LEED electrical practices are practical almost anywhere.

Sustainable installation is the state of the art for the construction industry. Neo Electrical Solutions has over 20 years’ experience in the commercial and industrial electrical business. We use that experience to make state of the art a reality every day for our customers. Our team provides more than just a service. We provide partnerships. Our clients’ success is our success. If you need electrical solutions for commercial or industrial applications, please contact us today.

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