Winter Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Winter Commercial & Industrial Electrical Solutions

Winter’s the season for commercial and industrial electrical solutions to brighten our communities. Across western Wisconsin and Minnesota, we see rapid changes happening. Populations here have been steadily increasing and we see new commercial and industrial construction projects, which means soon we will have more jobs and see more consumer traffic in our communities. New infrastructure projects for roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings to keep up with the rising population improve our beautiful states’ potential to attract more new residents and tourists.

With higher populations and more tourism in our states, we need to focus on helping everyone see our many new community amenities while keeping our communities safe places to live, work, and visit. Winter’s the time when your business and life seem the busiest, and so it’s easy to forget to check the boiler or forget to change the light bulbs, but now that you are thinking about it, why not think about your business’s lighting and safety needs before the season gets too busy.

Neo Electrical Solutions has professional, dependable and highly skilled technicians available 24/7 for emergency service and maintenance to your existing electrical systems. During the winter months, it’s important to maintain boilers, generators, and other equipment that needs to function to prevent emergencies and losses to your most profitable time of year.

It’s important to replace light bulbs or to install more lighting in interior spaces to prevent shoplifting and employee theft losses. Increased exterior lighting makes customers feel safer. Making parking lots as bright as possible prevents major crimes such as car theft or robbery, vandalism, assault, and protects your business for maximum loss prevention and safety of your customers and staff.

A New Year may bring new crime, so now’s the time to repair or replace your security alarms, cameras, and other security systems. Many businesses are adding more lighting and more variety to their security systems.¬†Contact us¬†today for innovative solutions to prevent emergencies and to prevent crime during the holidays and year round.

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